It Could Be Local is a catalog of my exploration of recipes for local eating in Moscow, Idaho. You are invited to contribute by commenting. The site explores recipes I’m cooking that use (potentially) locally produced food (within 5o miles of Moscow, ID).  I’m cataloging my recipes that could be local, but might not be yet.

Learning to change my diet toward more locally produced foods is part of my response to both peak oil and climate change. What I hope to learn from this site is how I could localize my family’s diet if I understood our options and examined our food choices. Presently, some of our family’s food is produced locally (either commercially or home grown), some food has been produced here historically but is not now, and some new foods might be produced here if market conditions were correct. A long range hope for this project would be for other Moscow residents to choose local options and give attention to creating a distinctive local diet.

This is not a novel about my trials of eating locally, it is a catalog of my recipes that use local foods. Its also not an attempt at a comprehensive catalog of local food, there are others who’s focus is helping to showcase local products and producers, including: the Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow Farmer’s Market, the Latah County Fair, the Washington-Idaho Pea and Lentil Commission. The specific focus of this site is collecting recipes my family will eat that use local foods, and from that collection, learning what I should plant, what I should store for winter, and what we could be having for dinner.

The site contains two kinds of things, Foods (with notes about their local production), and Recipes, which are combinations of foods (ingredients) and some type of preparation or process. A diet consists of Foods that might be eaten directly (e.g., an apple) and Recipes (e.g., apple pie). Recipes are allowed to contain some exotic foods when those foods: store for long periods, have a price to weight ratio that is favorable for shipping, are used in small amounts in the recipe, e.g, a spice.

Table of Contents (aka Categories)

  • Four Season Foods – these foods are produced or available from storage year round
  • Seasonal Foods – these foods can be locally produced during a specific season
  • Extended Season Foods – these foods are locally produced and could be available with credible season extensions
  • Potential Foods – these foods potentially could be produced locally but are not presently
  • Exotic Foods – these foods must be imported because raising them locally is not credible.

Tags Recipes are tagged by their food ingredients.

Advice to contributors

Consider these guidelines when you comment

  • Your comment may be moved to a new page and elaborated, for example if you post a recipe idea on a food page. Links to other resources are welcome.
  • All comments are moderated and will be approved only if they are helpful and lead to enriching the site.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Great blog — very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ll be excited to share some ideas for using fermentation to enhance and preserve locally-sourced ingredients such as cabbage and garlic. More to come soon….


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