There are multiple resources online for guidance on cooking dry beans, the general theme to my method is cover with boiling water to soak and NO SALT (in fact nothing but water) until the beans are soft.

Garbanzo Beans

  • 1 Cup dry Garbanzo (heaping cup) Pick over the beans, then rinse.
  • water
  • tsp salt

Stove method:  Cover with boiling water. Let soak for 2-3 hours. (I like to sit the pan on the wood stove which keeps it warm, but below simmer.) Change water to cover and bring to simmer for 1 hour (or more) till beans are soft. Add salt late in the process or beans may not cook and may be tough.

Crockpot method: Cover with water, soak for 30 minutes. Drain. Combine 4 cups water and beans in crockpot. Cook on low setting 4 hours. Add salt for last 30 minutes.


Yield approx. 3 Cups

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